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Sunday, July 10, 2016


Before I own a car
I wish that
when I own a car
I can send my mom to her workplace - school

Until yesterday
Only once... I am able to send something to my mom's workplace
But it was not Her, but Her farewell gift
But still, I am happy

"Ma, esok hari terakhir, nak Wan hantarkan ke?"
What I really mean is that
"Ma, meh la Wan hantarkan untuk hari special, hari terakhir ni."
"Xpe la, kereta banyak lagi waktu pagi. Biar abang je la hantar ma."

Haha... tak dapat nak realisasikan impian untuk kali terakhir.

Anyway, selamat hari bersara Ustazah Wan. Here isthe link your farewell video. Really hope that it can be a part of the school farewell video.

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