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Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Gradu ATE


Another personal project done... hee... becoming a CHOCOLATE DESIGNER... weee...

As that my friend and the ex-trainees 2010 in my office were graduating, I decided to gift a personal gift. come the idea, why not giving something yummy yet being created by myself. hehe.....

Alhamdulillah, I found a kiosk that can tailor-made the chocolate. So, let start with our design.....

All I want is an extraordinary design for my chocolate and relating to Graduation and chocolate.

Hence, the fusion of these ideas:

First design

Use 100% handwork + tabby.
"The problem is that the brown colour chocolate can't fitted well in that 'bar'."   O__o   okkk, nexttt
" Owh, wait... we suggest that this chocolate to be at the size of 8 x 8."

Soooo... here is the second design:

Start to use 'text' function in adobe. It seems more tidy.
"Mr Hazwan, the texts are too small. We afraid that its will not be clear." Hurmmm, nextt....

Last design:

In order to get a bigger text, the steps had been reduced from 7 to 5. And the chocolate 'bar' had been resized.

"Nice work, but we dont want to disappointed you. We will try to produce one piece first.If you satisfy with it, then we will proceed, oK?"

And then, we wait and wait and wait and....WAIT a MINUTE.....
Why you are using my second design instead of the final one?


There are three types of chocolates that you can use actually, dark choc, white choc and normal choc.
And it is better if you give the design in adobe version and not in jpeg format.
If you buy in a large quantity, the price per piece will be reduced.
Besides square, you also can get round chocolate.

Owh, what are the other people say about this choc:

My mum: How much cost for this choc? ( Alamak.... hehe )
Me: The total is more than Rm100.
My mum: Rm150? Rm170?
Me: Hee.... (smile) Secret. - [better not to tell her the exact price as that it cost more than what she guess, hehe)

Fren1: Ko bg ape kt kami yg konvo ni? Blh mamam ke?
Me: Choc la...hee
Fren1: wow...lawa.... syg nak makan....tqvm
Me: Ko syg ak kan? Haha
Fren1: syg coklat....ingat ko kat ak.

FRENSii: Syg plak rase nk makan coklat ko ni...kreatif sgt. haha anyway thanks wpun blum grad lg.

For those who get the choc, follow the steps:
1- Take picture
2- Post in d wall
3- unwrap
4- Share it

Makan, heee... test sendiri.

 6- Smile

P/S: Thanks eE