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Monday, September 9, 2013

A gift from someone called art friend

Assalamualaikum, heee... meet again.

Usually I will update a post about the craft created by me myself. But today I will show a craft given by one of my best friend.

It worth for me to wait for it as that the craft is very AWESOME.

My mom said that the person who gave me this craft is more creative than me myself. Hahaha....

Uhhhh... anyway, thanks you Teacher Rina for your effort. Thanks also for the blue pencil. You are a FEW people who I know that will try to give something in return for what you get.      ^o^ y            selamat hari hari raya juga

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Salam lebaran, salam Aidilfitri. Hee..... Ok, untuk post kali ni, saya nak tunjukkan cara2 nak wat kraf hari raya-sampul duit raya berbentuk ketupat 3D yang disiapkan tahun lepas.

Firstly, minta maaf kpd junior saya yg dah lama nak tahu cara nak wat. Tp baru sekarang berkesempatan nak siapkan post ni.

Secondly, I like to say sorry to one of the recipient. You want a RM20 note, but I just give a commemorate coin and RM1 note. AND I should not put the note outside the ketupat.

So, this is how we make it.....

Sunday, April 28, 2013

HURT (♡) Shaped House

As-salam, loooong time this blog has not been updated. Hahaha...

So, with this new NOTE 10.1, lets start updating the blog.
Jgn sesat2 dah..,.

Arggghhhh... tension nyer wat blog ni guna note. Susah nak edit aturan gambar... huu. Aiiiii...

Saturday, January 26, 2013

au revoir

Not much to say, but really satisfy with this attempt to prepare the slide show (or perhaps a video term is more suitable?). I had put all the effort to finish up this video. And in the way of finishing it, I nearly cry as that the background song is really touching. 

Using movie maker software for the second time (First one was just helping my sister), it took time for me to synchronize the picture with the song with the lyrics. But eventually, I knew the right way to synchronize it in the easiest way. Hee...So, perhaps, this was my last contribution, made specially for Audit Department.

 Thanks to Kak Ton for choosing the second song- a meaningful song.. hee...

For the last song- actually the suitable song is the fast beat song, but for certain reason I chose this slow song Hee.... Enjoy your trip....

Audit dept:
 [En. Azimy | Pn. Fazliaton | Kak Ain | Kak Zati | Kak Siti Maimunah | Kak Fatanah | Kak Saadah | Kak Afra | Kak Adilah | Afifat | Kak Aiza | Diyana | Fairol | Syafiq | Aimie | Rehan | Salwa | Ezuan | Azmeer]

In memory:
[Kak Nur Munirah | Kak Tasha | Kak Nurul | Kak Dalila Ismail | Ridhuan | Abang Halim | Shahril | Nadia | Azura | Uqbah | Hasiff | Ezaini | Noraida | Hazwan]

And all the trainee...

Many thanks and sorry for everything. Many sweet, sweat, swing memories with all of you.

"Hope my name won't bring back the memory; of the day that I left you" - alesana

Preview before publishing the post... tear nearly fall again. haha...

Au Revoir : : Anywant from UiTM recognise this term? Hahaha....