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Saturday, May 16, 2015


moRning gloRy
Such an unique name
Like your routine life
Blooming every early morning

How I wish that you grow in my lawn
So that I can watch you bloom every day
So I can water you every day
So I can fertilize you every day

What can I do? You grow in the next door's lawn
Watch you from the gap of the fence, is all that I can do
Do not really know how are you there
Just hope you keep blooming every day

But one day, I see
One of your petals withered and falls in my lawn
And I can see through the fence's gap
You are not blooming that morning as usual

So, I pick up the sprinkle
Climb the ladder, watering you
Ignoring the stranger's eyes
As I watering you from my own lawn

A day after, I water you again
And you bloom, like always, like before
And I smile, like always
Seeing you bloom like always

Though you 'say' that you are OK now
Hope it is also OK for me to watering you for a couple more days
So that I can be sure that you are really OK
Owh, my moRning gloRy

One day, I hope you will grow
Grow higher, and beat the height of the fence
Continue growing and enter the lawn of mine
So that I can look after you

And whisper, 'Good Morning.Glory' everyday

#Smile.You are strong.Red book.

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