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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Superhero's Hero

Hey you, wait and listen for a while
There is a story that I want to tell you
It is not my story, not the superhero's story
But the story of the superhero's hero

You see. The superhero beats the villian
You see. The superhero craving smiles after defeating the villian
You see. And you thought that superhero is strong
And yes. They look strong, and motivates you to be a strong guy too

But WAIT! The superhero is not strong all the time
You see them strong from your naked eyes
But you can not see their struggle, their fight, the fight inside them?
Like an ordinary people, everyday they try very best to be the best. Everyday

When the moment comes, when the superhero being defeated by the negativity within themselve
When they fall down, pondering, guilty, lose hope
Walk beside them, go close to their ear, and whisper
"Be strong. Believe. I am here with you, always."

The superhero need no sidekick (yes, they need)
The superhero need no rewards (yes, they need)
They only need your support, a reminder to burn the spirit (and the sidekick and the rewards too)
You can be. Yes, you can be the superhero's hero

P/s: superhero is not someone who is wearing the cape, the armor or weapon. They might be someone who is wearing tie, wearing apron etc.
         If you see them down, keep supporting them.

P/s: watching a lead singer sing a song. He can not hold his tears as that the song reminds him to the late bass guitar player.

Everyone need someone.

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