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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Repeating Yesterday

The outcry of Garuda heard from far away
Reminiscing me about a well known tale
The flow of memory squeeze the tear within
Triggering the fear called thantophobia

The same story with the different title
The same characters with the different actors
I had been a 'princess', now let me be the 'knight'
And lets the last play being rewind again

To play as a sleeping princess, it was really easy
Wait, was all I need to do, till came the knight
He should wake you up from the ambiguous dream
End it all and bring the light

I knew the role of 'knight' is not easy
And now i can feel how heavy the role is
How the past actor bear it, I really wonder
Without any sign of sigh before the audience

When Garuda arrive, the 'knight' should die
Leaving the 'princess', its written in the script
Should I follow the script? I know I shouldn't
Cause 'happily ever after' what I am looking for

Repeating yesterday|Garuda|Thantophobia|27Febto1Mac'15

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