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Friday, October 5, 2012

when Pareto Analysis slip in

I had read an article in newspaper about a demotivation factor for a hardworking employee. The article complained that when people show their best in their work, the management tend to build trust in that employee and at the end, all the works will be pass to that employee instead of the lazy worker.


Have you ever heard about Pareto Analysis. No??

 How about 80-20 rules? The rule states that in many of the group project done, only 20% of the members give full contribution which will give 80% benefit or effect on that project. While 80% of the group members will just contribute 20%.   

Below is the link of my drawing and a bit explanation regarding the 80-20 rules:



U will never know how does it feels and what a person had gone through without slip in your feet in their shoes... SO, keep positive thinking.   

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