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Sunday, August 26, 2012

First attempt

As-salam, in this Raya mood, people keep uploading their Raya photos...... while for me, I am busy uploading my artworks. This holiday, I am fully utilise my holiday without thinking of my work. ( ada la sikit2 terpikir). 

I am also being appointed as 'non-formal art director' for my lil' sis who is taking psychology subject; and her project was about Aristotle. This was our first time using movie maker softWeird, haha... and finish at the last day for her to submit it, so don't have enough time to touch-up. 

As that my blog is part of my diary, and I don't want to save this video at the repository that can disappear without any reason ( a lot of my drawing in my facebook account had run away, haha...), so I decide to save it here, hope it will not run away.

I respect my lil sis as that she want to do it ALL by herself, even if she didn't had any idea, she would seek my advise such as how to convey the message using drawing. I will draw at a piece of paper, then she will draw back using my tabby. And we do our work when all our family member had snore.

Seeing this video remind me on the mind mapping technique that I had started to use it since my secondary school when I try to combine drawing with history..... to make my learning process become more interesting... hee~ 


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