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Sunday, October 28, 2012

The last empty page in the last chapter

I know this moment will come.

I know that eventually the journey will move toward to the last page.

But, still, I am happy to receive this book.

1) It helps me to vent my sorrow.

  2) It helps me to charge my motivation

 3) It helps me to bond the friendship with strangers - both I know just from Facebook.

4) It helps me in having a more cohesive friendship with those I am not really close.

5) Help me to spread a knowledge or information

6) To give encouragement

She starts to wear 'tudung'

I am not expecting that the last few pages in the last chapter are left empty - without a word.

But I know what do these empty page meant for. I can make a conclusion after flip back the sketch book.

I know that it is not a fairy tale book, where it usually end with 'happily ever after' - it just a ordinary sketch book.

 I know that eventually I have to move on and get a new sketch 'book' where I will sketch a new chapter of my life.

So, I decide to put a full stop here and put this meaningful sketch book in the shelf along with my other book.

Before that, I draw  a picture on that empty page so that whenever I look back into this sketch book I know that I am already finish with it.

May the memory remain in that book.

 Owh, I try to search the same hard cover sketch book this evening, but fail.... haha...

 Thanks a lot to my best friend for buying me a present where I can fully utilise it. Really appreciate it   : ) 

Hope later, one day, I can be a colouring book producer so that I can let them fill their book with colours. Hee~


  1. okeyh.. tacing la..
    sobs sobs.. hihi..

    will find it no matter what..

  2. yup, waiting for another sketch book to be delivered, hee~