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Saturday, July 11, 2015


I used to have many colour pens
Purple, pink, blue, orange, yellow
and green
All in the neon colours

Then I saw a little girl
What did she doing?
Little girl at that age should play and enjoy the life
Play with colour, i mean a lot of colours

So, I gave her mine
Thinking that she deserve more
Than an old teenage

Opsss...i forgot, how could I?
I need that pens for my artwork
It is important for me but...
I saw her smile, smile while playing with those colour pens

Hence, now my artworks are sketched in black n white
Owh, and grey. I bought a grey marker
Dull colours, but that is my true colour
Inside, when minor tiny bipolar disorder surged

Then I realise that I need to play with colour too
As I am a teenage
A childish teenage

The little girl see my sketch
The black and white sketch
She pick up the colours pen
And start to colour it

But that is just my hope
A dream.
One day. Maybe. In shaa Allah
Before my black ink run out.

And grey ink too...

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