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Saturday, November 15, 2014


Pada babak 'minit' ke-94, si heroin atau watak itu cuma watak sampingan, tidak diketahui, merayu;

"Please do not ever give up on me"

Si hero tanpa menoleh ke belakang menjawab.

"Sorry, for this 94 'minutes', I had tried enough to win your heart. I have give up on you not once, not twice. But a hundred times."

Silent for a few second....

".....BUT you know what. On the second thought, I think hundred times is not enough for me. If it takes  a thousand times and thousand ways to win and unlock your heart, I am willing to stand up again and again and again everytime I stumble. Whenever I give up, I will get stronger and be more mature. There will be a FULL STOP only when you clearly say so".

"For a moment, please allow me to have a rest before trying the 101th attempt on you.......

AND please, please do not lose hope on me too"

Lalu si hero pun berlalu pergi.

# strength to believe
# i am not strong but i keep lying to myself that i am strong enough

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