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Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I wait for the lift to be opened
And that time she arrives
I have been watching her for a long time
Since I meet her at the first time

I try to shy away from her
Moving farther away
And turn my body to the other side

Luckily the lift door opened
For both lifts - the right and the left side
I choose the left one - hoping that she will take the nearest to her
Which is the right one

But just why
Why she takes the same lift as mine?
The right one opened earlier and nearest to her.
And - the lift door closes with just two of us in the lift

I push button for level 16
And try to look away from her
She push button for level 11
And silent. Just silent for few second.

"Apa yang ada kat level 16?"
Suddenly, just suddenly she asks
I answer her question and. Asks her
"Akak lak kerja apa?"

'Akak'. Purposely using that word
Despite knowing nothing about her age
To create a barrier
To give no hope

To give no new hope
For her
And for me
And no goodbye as the lift door closed and sending her to her place.

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