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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ghost writing

One day, my brother asked me to draw for him - for the first time he asked me to draw for him. Hee~ So, I agreed.

 But it was kinda weird when he asked me to use his 'special' ink. Which was water!!?

"Can people see my drawing if I am using only water?", that was what came across my mind at that moment.

When he mentioned something about his lighter (he is not a smoker), then I just smiled as that I finally knew the reason why he asked me to use the water ink. We actually had tried this trick when we were small. Hee~

It was not ordinary water actually, the plain water had been added with vinegar. That was the main ingredient.

So, what is special with this water? See video below:

OoopPPss... not success. But you know right now what is special with this 'ink'? haha... Let's try again, another time.... (ignore the background sound)

It's actually kinda weird for my brother to ask me to draw for him. So, I asked him the purpose he wanted me to draw animals. He wanted to entertain his friend's child who was sicked at that time. Hopefully, the child can still smile even when he/she was not in pink health.

So... burn your passion, fuel it with motivation.

Thanks,  ffisaH

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