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Friday, July 27, 2012

Hi Bye Net (pronouce as hibernate)

As-salam, he~ now I have ample time to update my blog. WHY? haha... but just for a week, a week maybe...

Nowadays, with the emergence of technologies and social networking, our time and focus had been deteriorating. (Wahhh, dah lama x guna perkataan ni, haha....). This issue had been raised several times in the newspaper as that the young people tend to spend their time with internet and smartphone rather than spend it with real people.

Hence, we can see that some group of people organising a week without  F acebook - trying to challenge themselves to live without the 'faceless' world.   

So, as that I am busy (busy ke? tp sempat lagi update blog, hahahaha...) - the peak period is not over yet, I decide to take this challenge, can I? can U? haha...DEActIVE

Always walking hone at the late night

Really hard decision... haha... but still want to...

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