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Saturday, June 16, 2012

craVing to carVe a right curVe in your face

Assalamualaikum.... 'Craving to Carve a Right Curve in Your Face'... hu~ Everybody want to do something that can made someone special keep smiling- parents, 'sahabat' (please see this link to differentiate between kawan and sahabat, an informative blog by temerity: ~camne nak letak link ni? haha... korang cut and paste je la nnt) . Unfortunately, sometime, somehow, someday, something you do is not really right (whether it is really not right or it just perceived by that person as not a right thing). 

I remembered an article in the newspaper (The Star) about parenting. A story of a kid who intends to help her  mom to wash the dirty plates and cups. So, he/she takes a stool and start to wash it. But, as the kid who is doing his/her first task, and trying to do it based on his/her observation, he/she suddenly brakes the plate. The tired mom comes to the kitchen and without realising the kid's good intention, scolds that kid. And according to expert,by scolding the kid, the kid will perceived that if he/she trying to helps his/her mom, he/she will be scold. Consequently, in the future, they will reluctant to give a hand if you need a help. So, whenever you are in anger, please try to see from the bright perspective why someone do that to you. (Peringatan utk diri sendiri, haha..)

So, enjoy the panda dummy with the stone:-

'EAT HURT ME, BUT EAT HURT YOU MOER' endangered dummy panda


  1. try this, upload all the panda dummy picture, then open in Microsoft Office Picture Manager. then push the next button fast-fast.

  2. kena start wat blog dlm omputih sbb tgk statistik kat blog ada gak owang dr US jenguk2 blog ni (128 org je). Owang Indon pun baru 71 owang.