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Saturday, January 28, 2012

PLACEBO : (Fool-stop) (.)

PLACEBO ~ : maknanya adalah ubat palsu ataupun rawatan palsu yg sebenarnya tidak memberikan kesan kpd pengguna secara fizikal, tetapi akan memberi kesan yg positif dr segi mental. So, keep your positive thinking.

~The physician has even been called a placebo;[20]33–34 a study found that patient recovery can be increased by words that suggest the patient “would be better in a few days”, and if the patient is given treatment, that “the treatment would certainly make him better” rather than negative words such as “I am not sure that the treatment I am going to give you will have an effect”

Owh, tabby pen dah rosak sbb cecair alkali dalam bateri dia dah pecah n tkena litar dalam tabby pen. Tpaksa update new post dgn mouse. jek. So, tulisan jadi x brape comel... Haha.. enjoy it. (Hurmm... can anyone answer me, can i buy only d tabby pen without buying d whole set of tabby?)




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